Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bring on the holes!

Today our fence installation began. Well, I guess that's not entirely true because Rob spray painted the lawn Friday with where the posts would go. But, today we actually broke ground. And, I even feel like I can say "we" because I did help a bit. I mean, my main job was watching 5 kids and keeping them from falling in holes, but when they went to sleep I picked up a shovel to dig in...literally. I have no photo evidence of this. But I did take some pictures while we were playing.

We started early with donuts. Then we all played inside. Jake showed us his "one man band" skills by playing every instrument we have simultaneously. Impressive.

Maddie helped a great deal entertaining the smaller kids. I don't have a picture of that in particular, but I thought this was just a very nice picture of Maddie today. She's so pretty (in my biased Godmother opinion).

Once we exhausted our inside ideas, we took the fun outside. Riley brought her drumstick with her.

However, they were digging holes right next to the swingset so I packed everyone up (drumstick included) and we headed to a nearby park. Not a bad gig actually. Maddie pushed the stroller a lot of the way for me and Jake and Austin were content to run ahead a bit. It was a pretty leisurely stroll for me!

After the park it was back to the deck for juice boxes and forts. Then to bring it full circle we went back inside to the nice cool basement. My kids had a blast! They LOVE playing with their cousins!

Time to stop writing now because after a full day of diggin' holes, it's time to go jump in the Murphy's pool. The best hole ever.

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