Friday, May 29, 2009

Back From Vegas

We are back. And 70 degrees feels cold. When the weather is a perfect 95 and sunny every day, it's hard to come back to the inconsistency of Minnesota. We had a fabulous time though so no complaints.

We were able to meet up with my friend Mary the first night. She took us to a swanky club at the Palms. We walked right in, in rock star style, passing everyone else in line and skipping the cover charge ($30 each). Not bad. The bar was very cool. It was both indoor and outdoor, and part of the balcony floor was glass so the 55 story drop was visible. The views were great.

Whoever was in charge of our camera for a photo of the three of us, was not.

Rob and I spent the majority of our time there relaxing by the pool. Or at least we tried. Rob was very successful and I learned that I am no longer able to bask in the sun for hours on end. After about 45 minutes I would get very restless and bored. I was able to add some time each day and by the end of our trip I could be kept content for about two hours.

We are addicted to craps. It's our new favorite game there. Mystic Lake, the casino down the road from our house, does not have craps. I think that is probably a good thing.

I went out with Mary on Tuesday night (Rob stayed back), and she showed me Freemont street. This was our fourth trip to Vegas and my first trip to Freemont. I have to say, I liked it. It was more low key but still very "Vegas-y". Everything was cheaper too (which is right up my alley). I'll have to take Rob there to check it out next time.

It was just long enough of a trip for us to thoroughly enjoy our time away and start to miss the kids. Thanks so much to all the grandparents for splitting the babysitting duties. It's nice to get away and not have to worry about the kids because you know they are in great hands! We might have come back to double the amount of toys we left them with, but I know the kids had a blast! (and we're having a garage sale in a couple weeks so we can clear out some old toys to make room for the new ones....and make some money to support my new craps addiction).


Sheri said...

You look gorgeous! Glad you had a good time!

Tracy said...

Hey thanks! Feel free to leave comments anytime :)

Abbie and Mike said...

Who knew that having kids would give you ADD! Gone are the days of sitting around and getting nothing done, right? I'm glad you at least upped your pool side relaxation time to 2 hours, that sounds wonderful!