Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Season 30

I figure by then Austin will have perfected his act and be ready to try out. This is what he recorded yesterday. I was getting everyone dressed for the day and as I tackled (not literally) the girls, I thought Austin might like to watch himself on the webcam of this computer. He is really into singing lately. He prefers soundtracks from his favorites (Lion King and Jungle Book). Feel free to turn off the video long before the almost 3 minutes is up. Spoiler alert, but the second half is pretty much the same as the first half. I just haven't taken the time to figure out how to edit it yet.


The Pats said...


What is the secret to get the video to play. I haven't had any success.


Tracy said...

Uh oh....I used YouTube this time instead of what I used to use (which was lost with the computer)...try again. I just changed the settings a bit. Maybe it will work this time. But, let me know if it doesn't!

The Pats said...

It worked great this time. Nice teeth.


Kk said...

Soo cute!