Saturday, April 25, 2009

To infinity and beyond indeed

There are several things I like about living in Shakopee. More than I care to list. There is one thing I dislike about living in Shakopee. The wind. It is rare to have a non windy day around our house. I don't know why, but whatever the case, the wind takes over during most of our outdoor adventures. Wind and babies do not mix. Since we have had a baby around for the last three years, I have yet to enjoy all Shakopee has to offer. However, I was trying to be optimistic and embrace the situation this year. Or rather, the Easter Bunny was. That rabbit brought both Austin and Ellie a kite. Ellie received an Elmo kite and Austin received a Buzz Lightyear kite. Since Riley ends up gasping for a breath every time we go out, she did not receive a kite. She can embrace the wind next year.
With particularly gale force winds today, it was a good day to try them out. Sure enough, it was only a couple of minutes before we had Buzz flying through the sky. Sadly, it was only a couple of minutes after that that Buzz boldly landed where no Space Ranger had been before. The gravel pit side of the fence.

I had gotten the kite up in the air and then Austin was holding onto it and every 3 seconds I was reminding him to not let go. Well, in between those few seconds he let go. The kite flew off and so did I. Miraculously the wind died down just as I was about to grab the string, and just like a cartoon, it picked right back up as I lunged for it. The kite ended up just on the other side of the rickety fence the gravel pit installed (whoever installed that fence does not work on the theory that a job worth doing is worth doing well). This, as you can imagine, sent Austin into hysterics. This is, quite literally, the thing that his nightmares are made of. Knowing that the Easter bunny only spent a dollar on this kite, I suggested it was no big deal and we could get a new one. That was unacceptable and Austin whimpered and cried (real tears) for 45 minutes until I called Rob and Rob agreed to climb the fence to retrieve it when he got home.

So, it was Dad to the rescue. There is no way that fence would hold Rob or anyone else weighing more than 30 pounds so that's why he brought out the ladder. He not only saved the kite, but also a football our neighbor lost to the fence. He also scaled the rest of the mountain to solve the mystery of what is behind that hill. The answer is.....not much. Gravel.

We tried to fly the kite again so that Austin could get over his fear of losing it again but that part is a work in progress. I'm fairly certain I got it higher than Rob but I'm sure he will argue that point. Either way, Austin was no longer interested in flying it solo. Which is probably okay because I'm sure Rob is no longer interested in chasing it down.

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