Friday, April 17, 2009


Ellie has been giving Riley some extra attention lately. It's adorable to see the two little girls getting along. It's not like they ever fought (we're saving those posts for the teen years I'm sure), it's just that Ellie has pretty much ignored Riley since she was born. Ellie has a lot going on in her little world and Riley just wasn't part of it.

Now Ellie is very aware of Riley. Ellie "reminds" me to bring Riley with us when we leave the house, she tells me when Riley is crying (as if I couldn't hear her...that girl can cry!), she talks baby talk to Riley (coming from practically a baby herself, it's pretty cute), and when Riley smiles back at her, Ellie says " cute". Yesterday they took turns tickling each other.

Every once in awhile Ellie would lean in and request a hug.

I hope this friendship continues for many, many years!

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