Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A scary sight

Last Thursday, as I was getting the kids down for naps, I did a double take when I looked out our back windows. Smoke was billowing from what appeared to be just behind the mountain in our backyard. (Side note: we have a gravel pit as our backyard neighbor and they have a huge berm up to block noise...I call it our mountain). I got the girls to bed and then Austin got to stay up a bit later because his room had the best view. It was an amazing and scary site. I felt horrible at the time becuase I thought it was the little farmhouse across the way that was on fire. It turns out it was much farther away than it seemed. Maybe another mile past the farmhouse. The pictures do not do it justice for how dark and horrible it was. After several helicopters hovered for over 2 hours, it was finally revealed that it was a grass fire. It took 6 fire departments 3 hours to get it under control. I'm not sure if that is a lot or not, perhaps my dad can comment on that. I do know that our phone has never rang that much during the day as people were calling from around the area to make sure that wasn't our house on fire. That's how close it looked to our house from the street level. The pictures below were taken from Austin's room.

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