Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our backyard takes shape

We have big plans for our backyard this year. We want to plant trees, get a fence, make some raised bed gardens, and a nice patio area with a firepit. Well, things are starting to take shape already. Rob found a fantastic deal on Craigslist and last Saturday our 4 trees were delivered. It took one man about 4 hours to plant them for us. He was in no shape to be digging all these holes and planting trees this size on his own. I offered him water or pop a couple times because I was worried about his well being. He was probably ready to shoot me at one point because as he was placing the birch tree in the ground he asked me if I liked the position of how it was facing and tilting. I had him move it several times and he kept over correcting so then he'd have to move it back another inch or two...this went on for awhile. Good thing my water was cold and continued to flow. I was his first client of the day. At 1:30 he finally left to finish up the two other houses where he was suppose to be planting more trees. I'm glad I got him when he was fresh for the day because he barely made it to his truck after our house. Here's our trees:

Okay, you can barely see the birch in that picture, but trust me, it's nice.
Next up is the fence.

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