Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Zoo!

I know you all might be getting tired of hearing of the zoo. We go there a lot. What can I say, it reminds us of home.

This year we bought a family membership so we'll be going even more often. Austin LOVES the zoo. He has been enough now that he is completely predictable when we go there. It makes it easier to keep an eye on him too because he goes through all the exhibits in the exact same order every time. We went last Monday because it was Member's Monday which means they do not allow any groups to visit. It was a great way to check things out during the week. My friend Michelle and her son, Clyde, came with us. I opted to carry Riley in the Baby Bjorn and then just bring the single stroller for Ellie. This worked out great. Ellie really enjoyed her visit this time; probably because she could actually see the animals instead of just Riley's car seat in front of her. She would great the animals she new the names of, and bid them adieu as we left for another exhibit. Aside from carrying around the 16 lbs of extra weight, I wouldn't have known Riley was even with us. She didn't make a peep, which I took as a good sign. Here's a few snapshots from the day.
One of Austin's favorite things to do is run through the little cave viewing areas they provide.

Checking out the sharks
And more fish...I wasn't thrilled with Austin laying on the ground, but he was content for a long time this way.
The MN Trail is sort of outdoors and can get chilly so we bundled up to walk through it.
I'm not sure how much of the MN Trail Riley was actually able to see.

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