Thursday, April 2, 2009

In the Pizza Party Zone

One of the projects the kids and I worked on this winter was decorating tray tables. I thought it was a fantastic idea and that it would occupy a cold morning for us. I thought wrong. Ellie had zero interest in participating, and even cried when I suggested she put some stickers on her table. Austin was excited, but was done with the craft within 10 minutes.

However, all was not wasted. These tray tables ended up being one of our best purchases ever (all $4 of it). Since going out to eat with 3 small kids is less than fun, we have taken to having pizza parties about once a weekend where we all get to eat in the family room and watch a movie while we eat. The kids think this is the greatest thing ever! And, I have to admit, there is something fun about eating in the family room in front of the TV. But there are no smiles for the camera because once the movie is on, they are in the zone.

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