Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To California and Back

I owe a big thank you to Rob and the Grandparents! I just got back from a great trip to California. It's my third year of traveling to CA with some good friends from high school. The main point is to go skiing, but there are always other fun adventures involved. This year there were only two of us that went skiing. We went to both Northstar and Donner Ski Ranch. The first place was beautiful and definitely a place I'd like to return. The second place was much smaller, still pretty, but mostly just a cheap place we went for a few hours. Both days the weather was spectacular and the reason we had to stop skiing. It was so warm on the mountain that the snow started to melt making it difficult to get down the hill (our skis would just stop and we would keep going).

After the other two friends joined us, we went to a local bar. It was a hole in the wall but a fun hole in the wall. Somehow Mary and I ended up starting a band with one or two of the locals. We managed to play Brown Eyed Girl, but otherwise, it was a bit of a mess.

Thanks so much to Rob and all the Grandparents for coming and helping out with the kids throughout the weekend. From the stories Austin has told me, they all had a lot of fun without me!

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