Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sun Dogs

Nothing is new in our house so that gives me free reign on the blog. Time for me to use some of these useless facts floating around in my head.
In college, towards the end of my stay, I had credits to burn. One might find taking extra classes in your chosen field a wise option. I didn't. I chose to take classes that just sounded interesting or fun. Sign language was one of those classes. I probably drove Rob nuts signing things to him he didn't understand, but it was fun. Another class was Elements of Weather. What I thought was going to be a "fun" class actually turned into a rather difficult class. (I later learned I chose the wrong professor). I never did perfect the art of predicting the weather (who has?) but I did pick up a few useless nuggets of information along the way. One of those facts blinded me this morning as I looked out the window. Sun dogs.

I'm sure if you google "sun dog" you'll be rewarded with all sorts of interesting information. But, assuming you aren't all that interested, here's the quick facts I remember. Sun Dogs are most often seen as the sun rises or sets because once the sun reaches a certain height (60 degrees from horizon), they are no longer visible. The sun dogs are always the same level as the sun. They are an optical illusion that occurs because there are hexagonal ice crystals between you and the sun. As the sunlight stretches towards you, it bounces off the ice crystals and refracts back into the sky. They refraction seperates into different wavelengths which seperates the colors of the lights creating mini rainbows.

I can regurgitate all that, but I cannot tell you what the temperature will be tomorrow.

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Jonda said...

John said he saw 'moon dogs' as he left for work this morning. The photo is very nice!

What a memory for all of that!