Sunday, March 8, 2009

Reunited at last!

Yesterday the kids and I headed outside. Winter has gotten the best of us this year and we have hardly stepped foot outside, except to quickly get in the car. With another round of sickness threatening the house (Ellie got sick on Friday twice) we needed to get outside for some fresh air! We left Riley and Rob inside to watch basketball and then Ellie, Austin and I went out to tromp through the remaining snow.

We brought the fun to the backyard where Austin continued to "clean up the snow" and Ellie worked on her climbing and sliding skills.

It was then that something caught my eye. Something blue. Could it be? Why, I believe that looks like The King! I quickly ran over to the object and was happier than any 31 year old female should be to find a toy car. But, let me backtrack a little bit in this story.

Anyone who knows Austin knows that there are very few places he goes without at least one car in tow. If he had his way, he would take his three cars (Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks, and The King) everywhere we go, but I had to start limiting it to one car when our trips to libraries or anywhere else would get extended by 15 minutes or more while we searched for the missing cars that were put down while he searched for a book. Austin "the negotiator" decided that it would be fair if he could take all three with him into the van, and then only one car into the stores.

Well, much to our dismay, Austin lost both the King and Chick Hicks this fall. I can't begin to explain how many hours I have spent searching for these two cars. Thinking back, it would have been much easier to just fork over another $8 and replace them, but it was the principle of it all. They HAD to be in our house someplace. Yesterday the mystery was solved as, after 5 months, I found both The King and Chick Hicks suffering through a Minnesota winter underneath the swingset. No doubt they were launched off the swingset before the first snowfall and were buried under the snow before being discovered missing.

But, alas, they are now safe (though a little worse for wear) and have not left Austin's side since their discovery.

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