Monday, March 23, 2009

Kids say the most incriminating things

I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately. Our computer has turned into the slowest machine on Earth and by the time I get it up and running, my 5 minutes to post an entry is long gone. However, our kids are mysteriously sleeping later the last few days. Not Austin, but Ellie and Riley are still both sleeping and it's 7:30. That is 2 hours late for Ellie. Odd.

Anyway, my story.

I have had a few conversations with Austin over the last few months. The first was the "Hey!" conversation. Austin used to start every sentence with "Hey!" and it was getting old. "Hey mom, hey mom, hey mom..."; you get the point. I explained to him that it was rude to address someone as "Hey" and that if he wanted to talk to someone, and they weren't already paying attention to him, then he should say "Excuse me..." Well, it caught on far better than I would have ever guessed and he uses "excuse me" constantly.

The second conversation we started having is the stranger talk. I first explained what strangers are and then moved on to what he should do in different scenarios. All of the answers being "Run!" But, Austin always answers "I will scream and run..." and just as I'm patting myself on the back he says "...and then I will shoot him" (and accompanies that with spider-man hands shooting webs). Now when we are in Target Austin points out everyone he sees and asks me if they are strangers. Makes for a fun trip.

The last thing we are doing is a race to get dressed. It's my way of getting things moving at a faster pace in the morning. After he picks out his clothes, and I have picked out Ellie's clothes, we race to see who can get dressed first. It's Austin vs. Ellie (with moms help). I put Ellie's clothes on at a snails pace so that Austin wins. But it occurred to me that maybe I'm just teaching him to expect to always win? So, a couple days ago Ellie and I were victorious. The result was not pretty, as I expected.

So, how do these three tie into a story? Here it is.
We were shopping at Target and when it came time to checkout Austin found it imperative to strike up a conversation with the cashier (not unusual at all). He said "Excuse me, Stranger. This morning, my mom BEAT me!"


Sheri said...

Thanks Tracy. I needed a laugh today!! Sheri

Abbie said...

Oh no! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! I love him! - Abbie

The Snyder Family said...

Austin is CLEAVER!!!!

Kerry said...

That is going to be one of my all-time favotie "I need a giggle" stories to go to!