Friday, March 27, 2009

A GREAT visit

Yesterday the kids and I went to visit Great Grandma Smith. We hadn't been in there in a couple months and as fast as Riley is growing, we thought we better get out for a visit. Grandma visits an adult daycare during the day which is actually pretty convienant for us. It's in a church basement in Eden Prairie and makes for a quick drive for us. It also happens to be where the church handles their Sunday School and Nursery so there are plenty of toys. But, the toys aren't necessary because mostly my kids just love to run around the big open space. That is, of course, after they (Austin) have talked off everyone's ear that will listen. Yesterdays stories mostly involved the zoo animals we saw a month ago.
Riley sat with Great Grandma for quite awhile. Everyone had a good time and Austin invited Great-Grandma to "Visit us next week at our house. Just drive past the rollercoasters that go upside down." (We pass Valleyfair on the way).

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