Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Solid Start

Our pediatrician recommends that you start a baby on solid foods between 4 and 6 months. I don't think Austin was more than a few hours into month four before I was shoving rice cereal down his throat. I was so excited to do each new thing with him that I wasted little time. With Ellie, I wasn't quite as enthusiastic but for sure by 5 months she was eating solids. Enter Riley. The only reason she got her first taste of solid foods is because she had her 6 month well visit yesterday and when the Dr. asked me how she was doing with solids, I wanted to be able to give her an (honest) answer.
The delay on my part had everything to do with laziness. It's much easier to just feed a baby a bottle. Now that she is on solids, I need to work that into the schedule, not to mention maintain a supply of baby food which means even more trips to Target during the week because I will inevitably forget to pick it up while I am there the first three times.
However, the delay also means that Riley is ready to rock with this solid food business. She has had an extra two months to watch us while we ate and has figured out the process. There was very little mess and she pretty much just swallowed it all down. She had 2 nights of rice cereal and then it was on to sweet potatoes. As a bonus, I have found out that Ellie loves Riley's sweet potatoes. It might be the only vegetable Ellie has consumed in 2 months. Therefore, I am going to call Riley's first foods a definite success. Maybe I should have waited this long with each of them!

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful how smart you get and how easy it is to accept another one into your family. I think the head guy is watching out for us Moms all the time!!! May he watch over all of you all the time. We Love You All!! Hope you have a great trip, Tracy. We're looking forward to our time with the kids and Rob. Love, G & G R.