Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sleep when you can

It has been a rough three weeks in our house. There seems to be a super bug lurking in the shadows of our house. Every time it enters someones body, it mutates just enough to make any previously aquired antibodies ineffective for the next person. It has gotten everyone at least twice and we have just started Round 3 yesterday with Austin throwing up right after dinner. So far the only person to remain healthy is Rob. He apparently has a superior immune system, so while he slept this afternoon I harvested saliva from his drool and I am hours away from completing a vaccine I created with his antibodies. In the meantime we resort to taking naps whenever we can fit them in. That includes lunchtime.


Kerry said...

I believe you are the only person I know who would discuss harvesting someone's saliva and finding antibodies from it. Science humor. Cute.

The Snyder Family said...

I agree with Kerry!!!