Monday, February 2, 2009

Halloween - Part 126

I'm not sure of many families who get as much use out of their Halloween costumes as we do. Austin requested to wear his dragon costume today. Not to be left out, Ellie wore his dinosaur costume from a couple years ago. We spent the afternoon in "Dragonland" where according to Austin, dinosaurs can also play, but the dragons were bigger and could fly...dinosaurs couldn't. Ellie didn't seem to mind the limitations, because in her world dinosaurs do whatever they want. A common theme with her whether she is wearing a costume or not. There is a very good possibility that we are entering the terrible twos a few months early. Fun.
Here's a few snapshots from the day.

Below is a picture of Austin breathing fire on Ellie...and of Ellie not caring one bit.
Once he noticed my camera, Austin was more interested in making faces while I took his picture and then immediately requesting to see himself in the camera.

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