Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sinkers and Floaters

My family has affectionately referred to me as a nerd for quite some time. I'll admit it too, while the majority of my family is great with the business end of things, I've always enjoyed the science side. As I try to get through these winter days and wonder how many more times I can reenact the same scenes from Scooby-Do over and over with Austin before I go crazy I decided I needed to start planning activities that are going to be interesting for everybody...myself included. I decided we were going to do some experiments. Knowing how much my kids enjoy bath time I thought something with water would be a good place to start.
Today, we walked around the house and grabbed toys that were water-safe. Then I filled a plastic bin with water and we took one toy at a time and tried to guess if it was going to sink or float when it was dropped in the water. Austin guessed almost all of them correctly. When I asked Ellie what she thought would happen, she would put her finger on her chin in deep contemplation and say "hmmmmmm....". She never did give us an answer. Here's our toys:
When I asked Austin what that little wooden guy with the green shirt was going to do (sink or float?) he gave a detailed and accurate hypothesis: "He is going to do a back float!"
I tried a tiny bit to make it educational and talk about why different things were sinking and others floating, but I didn't try too hard. The kids recognized it for what it really was. For Austin "Bones" Runchey, it was an opportunity to strip off his clothes.
For Ellie, a chance to completely drench her clothes, with a smile.
And really, just a tub of water to play in!

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