Monday, December 1, 2008

A Whirlwind of Activity

You would think with all the activity going on lately I would have oodles of posts for this blog. However, there is a direct correlation between the amount of chaos in my life and the lack of energy I have to update this blog. Here are some highlights of the last 10 days or so:

1) There was a fire drill at Playworks. I arrived to pick up the kids just as they were evacuating the building. It was 29 degrees and none of the kids had jackets, hats or anything that resembled winter gear. Austin was anxious to see me. He told me where Ellie was and then cried because he knew they put Riley in a crib to wheel her out, but wasn't sure which one (there were 3). I was just happy that my little guy was so concerned for his sisters. I was not happy that after a grueling workout I had to carry Ellie and Austin 4 blocks round trip as we walked to the safety zone. I don't think I could feel my arms for a week. Austin informed me he does not like "pretend fires". I agree.

2) Thanksgiving was at Kelly and Dan's house. It was masterfully planned and delicious to boot. Instead of falling asleep on the 40 minute drive home, Ellie watched movies with Austin the whole time and then decided to stay awake until approximately 11pm at which point Rob gave up and put her in her crib to cry for another half hour or so. This all might have had something to do with the handfuls of chocolate chips she consumed while decorating a turkey cookie.

3) I went to Walmart at 5am with my mom and dad to snag some deals. INSANE. We enjoyed the rush though so my dad also took us to Target and Kohls. He waited in the car.

4) We went to Iowa this past weekend for the Runchey family Christmas. I was shocked at how much bigger all the nieces and nephews were. They're all growing like weeds...of course, when you don't see them more than twice a year, that is expected! Austin and his slightly younger cousin, Owen, used to be arch enemies and so I was a bit nervous when they arrived, but never fear, they are now bosom buddies. All the cousins played really well together and now I'm a bit nervous for next year when they will all be able to plot against us. The adults are quickly becoming outnumbered.

5) Austin stood up for his sister again today. One of the neighbor boys was bothering Ellie and Austin just walked up to him and smacked him on the head. Of course, this landed him in time out because he can't just go around hitting people, but I'll admit a tiny part of me was proud of him.

6) We put up the Christmas tree tonight. I'll try to post about this tomorrow and include some pictures which are far more entertaining than me and all these words.

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