Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas

This is the first year in many (maybe ever) that we had no where to go on Christmas. My parents were in Indiana and Rob's parents were in Kansas. None of that would have changed the fact anyway. The fact being that Austin was EXTREMELY excited for Christmas this year. Of course, I was using the threat of Santa Claus watching him routinely for about a month so Christmas was always on the forefront of his mind. We got him and the girls into bed about 10 minutes early on Christmas Eve with the idea that the sooner he fell asleep, the sooner Santa would come. Notice I didn't say we got him to sleep 10 minutes early? He was wide awake for quite some time positive that he was hearing Santa's sleigh. Nonetheless, he woke up at 5:45am ready to go. We tried to hold him off upstairs until at least Ellie woke up but after 15 minutes Rob waved his white flag and he took him downstairs to watch a cartoon. I came down about 10 minutes later because Austin was being too loud for me to sleep. Ellie woke up around 7am and Rob went upstairs to give her some milk and time to wake up before Austin bombarded her with his enthusiasm. She is not a morning person. Meanwhile, downstairs with me, Austin asked variations of the following questions:

  • Did Santa come?
  • Did Santa bring me presents?
  • What's in my stocking?
  • Do you think it's Annie and Claribel (trains)?
  • Are those presents mine?

When I could no longer take it I told Rob to bring down Ellie. It just so happened that Riley woke up too so the whole family was together for gift opening. We didn't even try to have any rhyme or reason to it. Maybe someday the kids can take turns opening gifts but there wasn't a chance of that happening this year, or any year soon I imagine. Below is a slide show. Nothing spectacular but just some random shots from the day. Austin's highlight was that Santa did bring him Annie and Claribel as well as "Gorilla Mountain" and Ellie received a booster seat to use at the table. No more high chair! She is excited!

My highlight is that Austin told Ellie to be good "because Santa is already watching her for next year." That means I can still use my threat!

We hope everyone enjoyed a very Merry Christmas!

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