Saturday, December 6, 2008


Another whirlwind weekend has come and gone. It seems as if December has so far been a blur. Friday night we headed to my sister's house for their annual neighborhood card party. We are not technically in their neighborhood but I play with her Bunco group so I feel like an honorary neighbor. As usual, it was a lot of fun. I had my very first sip of Eggnog (Grandma's eggnog) which was most likely my last sip of Eggnog. The amount of alcohol in that stuff is enough to last me the whole year.

Saturday I took Austin to swimming lessons and Rob took the girls to the gym. Immediately after swimming, we headed to a birthday party for one of his friends. Austin was extremely tired and therefore out of sorts at the party. His best friend, Mia, was at the party and took one of the presents away from the birthday girl. The birthday girl rightfully took her present back, which made Mia cry. Then Austin got upset because Mia was crying and tried to steal the present back for her. Chaos ensued. Suffice it to say naptime immediately followed the birthday party. But not for me.

I did something I haven't done since 9th grade. I went cross country skiing with a friend. I learned how to cross country ski around 4th grade with my grandma and aunt. However, my favorite part of cross country skiing was going down the hills so I didn't last long with the sport before switching to downhill skiing, but managed to go a couple times a year. Figuring my days of cross country were over, I just got rid of my unused, dust collecting skis last spring. Probably still a good idea. Ouch.

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