Friday, December 5, 2008

A couple of nuts

Although I don't hear it nearly as much anymore, I know it's still true. Austin is a dead ringer for his dad. Well, it's more than just looks that link these two. They are both officially Christmas Nuts!
Rob has always been a bit crazy for Christmas. If he had his way, we'd listen to Christmas music all year long (and sometimes it does come out around July in our house). Rudolph and Frosty DVDs are played well into June and the countdown for the festive holiday begins the day after Rob's birthday.

On the way to Playworks today I turned on the car and went to switch the radio station from "Christmas 24/7" to a normal station and was scolded by Austin. Somehow, in the 10 seconds of listening he realized it was Christmas music and I was not allowed to switch the station. Yesterday he got dressed from head to toe all by himself. I said "Wow, that's great! Would you like to call someone to tell them what a good job you did?" Now, I was thinking Rob. Surely he'll want to call his dad. Nope, Austin said "Yeah....Santa!" Yikes. I don't have Santa's direct line, so I had to improvise. I quickly dialed my sister's number and said "Hi, could I please speak to Santa?" I wasn't sure what I was going to get on the other end but she handed the phone to my dad and he said "ho ho ho!", I then handed the phone to Austin who proceeded to tell him all about getting dressed by himself and about the letter he wrote him and how he is ready for him to come down our chimney. He finished with "Bye Santa! I love you!"

Of course, now Austin thinks I can call Santa whenever I want. This is good and bad. It's nice when I'm at my witt's end with him and I can pull out the "call to Santa" threat, but it's not so great when he just wants to chit chat with Santa and I know that my dad isn't around to help me out.

When that happens I try to distract him with something else. His Christmas countdown chain is always a nice backup. Rob enjoys it too.

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