Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Black Friday

I mentioned below that I attended Black Friday festivities with my parents on Friday morning. Since my son cannot yet read, I will say that I had my eye on a McQueen bean bag chair from Walmart. I really did not anticipate this being a hot item. My mom did. As usual, Mother's are always right. On the way to Walmart at 4:45am we discussed our plan of attack. My mom wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer, I wanted the chair and a few less important items, and my dad wanted an Xbox. He was at a disadvantage though because he had to park the car. That, and the Xboxes were in the food aisle so once he got into the store and then finally found out where this item was, it was too late. Walmart had all the items under black cellophane wrapping that was suppose to be cut off by an associate at 5am (or torn off by savage customers, I'm sure you can guess what happened first). Meanwhile, all the customers were huddled around the bin that held their treasures. I stationed myself next to a box containing bean bag chairs. I scooted my way to the front and talked to the lady next to me. Unfortunately, she also wanted McQueen and I could only see one. She was there first and I wasn't about to battle her over it so I was going to give up and see if I could help the others on my team but then I spied another McQueen in the bottom of the barrel. 5am struck and it was everyone for themselves. Literally. It was insane. The manager got on the intercom a few times to remind people to behave. I got my McQueen and was happy. Approximately 2 seconds later my phone rang and it was my mom who not only got one of the twelve mixers available, but also got a McQueen. Amazing. I have so much to learn. I got quite a few jealous looks as I strolled out of there with two McQueens (I got one for Ellie in case she wants exactly what her brother wants).
After Walmart, we hit Target which wasn't nearly as crazy but we walked out of there with a handful of DVDs and a TV (my parents purchase, not mine), and then since Target is right next to Kohls.....why not? I picked up a large fleece throw at Kohl's to replace the fleece throw that Austin has now claimed as his own. However, after this morning I am wondering if I should have gotten two.

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