Saturday, November 15, 2008

A pretty penny

Start saving now little girls, I am raising one fine son and it is going to cost a handsome dowry to take him away from me. He is fairly diligent about putting the seat down (though he might walk out of the bathroom completely naked), he says please and thank you, he wipes the tears off his best friend Mia's face when she is sad, and now....

Last night at about 7:45 pm, after what felt like 10 straight hours of playing cars with him, he said "Mommy, will you play cars with me? You can be these two." Knowing that no matter what I said I would be playing cars in 30 seconds I said "No, I think I am too exhausted to play cars right now." and I collapsed on a pillow. To my surprise he said "Oh, okay, let me just rub your back." And he did! He even told Rob to be quiet because he was busy rubbing my back. Granted it lasted all of 20 seconds, and just as I thought, I was playing cars with him within 30 seconds, but what a catch!

He's only going to get better. For the right price, and in 25 years, he's yours!

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