Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Passing the time...

We are trying to come up with fun things we can all do after dinner to pass the time. This fall-back time change has really thrown a wrench into our schedule. When we still had daylight past 5pm, we used to all go outside after dinner for a walk or just to play. Now we finish dinner and by the looks of it outside, we should be getting the kids in bed. Only, we still have 2-3 hours to go (but who's counting...) I think the first week we relied pretty heavily on the TV and both Rob and I came to the same conclusion that more TV wasn't the right answer. Last week I decided after dinner we'd finger paint. Well, Austin and Ellie would finger paint, I'd take care of Riley and Rob would administer the paints. It was a success! A messy success to be more specific.
We stripped the kids down before we started (more than likely we only had to strip Ellie as I'm sure Austin was already down to his skivvies). This was a key move. When all the painting was done Ellie was a disaster. Austin managed to keep the mess to his hands, but also managed to use the table as his "napkin" when he felt there was too much paint on his hands.
The next activity was baths.
Since then we've been retreating to the basement more often. I love that it's unfinished and they can do whatever they please. Which means Rob or I (whichever one isn't holding Riley) can pass the time relaxing instead of thinking about what a mess they are making.

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