Monday, November 3, 2008

Miserable Ellie

We've had a rough 48 hours in our house. Ellie woke up Sunday morning by throwing up. Yum. She seemed fine the rest of the day, as far as her stomach was concerned. She had completely red cheeks and was fairly whiny, but we just attributed it all to the 4 teeth she is getting (incisors, which are suppose to be the hardest to get). Shortly after going to bed, she threw up again. And again...and again. You get the point. She was up every 15 minutes dry heaving. Therefore, Rob and I were up every 15 minutes.
I have had no trouble keeping her on the couch in quarantine. In fact, she probably didn't move for the first 3 hours. Thank God for PBS Kids! I'll remember this next time they invade the TV with their telethons.
She did make her way off the couch eventually. But only to the nearest pillow.
That just plain exhausted her so I put her in bed and she napped for about 3 hours. She still isn't very interested in food. She has managed to keep down about 6 ounces of gatorade and 8 pretzels and maybe 5 raisins. It's a start. She's a handful when she's healthy, but I'd take the lively Ellie over this sad little lump any day!

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