Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween - Part II

The Costumes
Buzz Lightyear and The Ladybug

Incidentally, Buzz Lightyear also comes with sound effects provided by Austin. He constantly yells "To Infinity and Deyond!" (yes, "deyond", not "beyond"). The Ladybug just giggles and screams in glee.
We hosted a small pizza party for a couple other families in the neighborhood that we routinely hang out with. We all have kids around the same age and they usually trick or treat together. I say that like it's a common occurrence. What I meant was, last year was the first time any of them trick or treated and it worked well to all go together. So, that was the plan. Of course, plans don't typically work with small kids so they started together:

After the first house it was every character for himself (or herself).

You can see Buzz eyeing his competition over his shoulder. If Thomas the Train would have gotten any closer, there might have been some laser action.

Pretty soon Austin was trick or treating by himself, having left the rest of the gang in the dust.

Ellie and Riley stayed back with me, the other two moms, and another baby. She was rewarded with Chrissy's (my neighbor and Ellie's favorite person) undivided attention and quite a few treats. So many that I'm not sure she'll even want to go with the rest of them next year knowing what she will get it she stays behind.

Riley tried her best to stay awake for the party but crashed around 7pm.
Dreaming up her costume for next year, no doubt.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had neat costumes and that you had a fun time!! Bet Mom was ready to crash, too, when you got everyone to bed. Hope you got to sneak some good treats after the goblins all went to bed!!

Love, Grandma R.