Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween - Part I (The Pumpkin)

We had a busy Halloween morning. The kids were allowed to wear their costumes at Playworks (that's a place affiliated with my gym where they go to play while I work out). Austin, who was Buzz Lightyear informed he was going to shoot the kids with his laser. Therefore, we spent the ride there discussing how to "pretend" to shoot kids with his laser, but that if they don't want to play that game, he needs to leave them alone. I'm not sure any of the conversation registered with him because he was too busy perfecting his laser sound effects. Ellie was a Ladybug and personified the sweetness of such a dainty critter. But, she wasn't fooling me. I knew my feisty little girl was in there somewhere. When I went to pick them up I was proven correct. Austin played well and was no longer Buzz, but a dog (dressed like Buzz) and Ellie was still dressed as a Ladybug but only because she swatted away the teachers and ran from them when they tried to take off her costume (which was extremely hot). Riley was a pumpkin for approximately 3 minutes but spit up all over her shirt.
When we got home, it was time to turn our pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern! Austin and I have been discussing what kind of face we were going to make on it for about a week. He thought that triangles would make the best eyes and that it definitely should have teeth. But, when it came time to prepping the pumpkin he was immediately turned off by the smell.

Therefore, the pumpkin carving was then completely my job. Austin, finding me distracted by the pumpkin, took it upon himself to eat almost a whole bag of animal crackers.

Ellie showed a lot of interest and might have been some help but since sharp objects and toddlers don't mix, she just sat on my lap. She had a good time pretending to carve it once it was finished.

Stay tuned for Part II - Costumes

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