Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Captain Underpants

We are raising an exhibitionist in this house. We're not sure what we have done to trigger it, but Austin has taken to running around naked. We don't encourage naked. So, at the very least I require underwear but prefer fully clothed.

It started a few weeks ago when Rob went to take him to the bathroom one last time before we called it a night and when he went to grab him Austin had taken off all his clothes in bed and was completely naked. Rob got him back in his PJs but when Austin woke up and crawled into bed with me I was a little shocked that he was completely naked again. This continued for a few nights. Now usually just a shirt and socks comes off.

During the day the story isn't much different. He tries to think of every excuse to take off his clothes. "Oops, looks like my shirt's wet...I better take it off!" This after a small drop of milk landed on it. Today Riley spit up while she was in my lap and I was playing cars with Austin. Although Riley has been known to get some distance with her spit ups, this particular time it pretty much all landed on herself and my leg. But seeing an opportunity, Austin said "Oh, I just got Riley puke on my pants, I better go take them off".

I think that as it continues to get colder my little nudist will prefer the warmth of a cozy sweatshirt. In the meantime, just ask him which way to the beach!

(That's him flexing)

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