Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pool School

We all headed outside the other day to get some fresh air. While the kids and I were playing on the swingset a neighbor girl came over to see if I would sponsor her for her read-a-thon. After we completed our business, she stayed awhile to play with us. She's in first grade. She asked if I was home every single day. I told her I was and Ausitn added "Yeah, so you can come to my house to play again tomorrow!" I explained that she is in school everyday, just like his cousins Maddie, Jake, and Taylor. Austin pondered this for a bit. Then he said "I am in swimming's called......Pool School"!

His first session of swimming lessons ended on Wednesday. He made some nice improvements over the 6 lessons, not only in swimming, but in listening, which I was the most proud of.
Yesterday he had his first lesson at his new "pool school". I was not impressed at all and I am hoping to get my money back to re-enroll him in his old school. The ratio of students to teacher is higher but the teaching was much better! Watch out Michael Phelps, Austin is on his way to shattering your records even with his noodle!

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