Monday, October 6, 2008

Peace. And. Quiet.

Rob and I were spoiled with another night free of kids. This time courtesy of my parents. Rob and I looked forward to it all week and each night when the kids were asleep we would bring up the question "What should we do on Saturday?". If you had a rare kid free night (assuming you have kids), what would you do? We tossed around a few ideas of where we could go and what we would eat. We found out what movies were playing...basically we thought of all our options. Do you know what we did? We ordered a pizza, got some treats, rented a DVD (Sex in the City...good) and sat in front of our TV and ate dinner! There was no whining about eating the dinner, or the routine potty break for Austin mid-meal. No begging for pop, or throwing food on the floor. Rob and I both ate at the same time, as opposed to someone holding Riley while the other one eats. We reminisced about the days, only 3 short years ago, when this was a routine night for us. Now it's a treat. A treat we thoroughly enjoyed.

Of course, hearing the cheers of "Mommy!" when I went to pick them up in the morning (Rob wasn't with, otherwise I'm sure he would have received cheers too) was also a treat. A loud one...but a treat nonetheless.

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