Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Preview

Today was packing day for my parents house. Well, actually, they have been packing up their house for a few weeks, but today was the day to load everything into the PODS for storage. The house was in a bit of disarray but that provided more places for the kids to play. Jake and Austin didn't waste anytime making themselves comfortable on a pile of cushions at the bottom of the stairs. They sat here for close to an hour first playing with cars, and when that exhausted them Jake read Austin books.

Eventually the cushions had to be packed so the kids took to the outside. While much of our area has just started to change colors this past week, my parents trees got a head start and have already dumped 2 inches of leaves on the ground. Another 2 inches is in the forecast by the end of next week. The kids (and the rest of us) found the leaves enticing. A pile of leaves is tempting for kids everywhere, but it's something many adults are still drawn to as least in my family. Having packed all the rakes...probably in here someplace:

My mom used a broom to help the leaf pile along.

Approximately 2 seconds after my mom deemed the pile large enough, Austin, Jake, and Maddie jumped in. Actually, Austin couldn't help himself, and he jumped in approximately 2 seconds before my mom deemed the pile large enough. He must take after me because I was pretty quick to join in the fun myself (as were Kerry and my mom).
Ellie showed up a little late for the innaugural jump, but she loved being outside and trudging through the leaves, which were up to her knees.
I thought all the fresh air would knock her out come naptime. Quite the opposite happened. She only slept for about an hour and fifteen minutes. She was too excited to sleep now that she has had a preview of Fall.

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