Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dance Party Gone Bad

The kids and I have a little thing we do most days. After lunch, we boogie until bedtime (naptime). I started it long ago when Austin was a baby and I would rock him to sleep by sashaying around the kitchen to whatever was on the radio. Then when Ellie came along, I did the same for her, but Austin joined in and we took turns spinning around. Now with three of them the dance parties are a bit out of control. I still take turns spinning all of them around, but the obstacles on the ground (namely Austin, Ellie, or Riley) have made it more difficult and it takes a lot more concentration than it used to. Yesterday the music on the radio was just too good. One great song after another so the dance party commenced before lunch. Specifically, while I was making lunch (mac and cheese). Lesson learned. I don't have the ability to concentrate on both dancing, dodging, and boiling water. The water boiled over onto the cooktop at least 3 times. It didn't affect the mac and cheese (or our dancing) at all, but it did leave a terrible mess. A mess that was burned onto the glass cooktop. But, it wasn't anything that couldn't be take care of with a little elbow grease....

And a mouse sander.

Yes, that was Rob's solution to my mess. A loud solution at 9pm, but it worked great and no one woke up so I can't make fun of him too much. There's nothing my dance crew likes better than a clean kitchen!

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