Thursday, October 30, 2008

Catching up with Great Grandma

Today we all headed out to visit with my Grandma. She lives in Minnetonka, but attends an adult daycare in Eden Prairie. It shortens the drive a bit to only have to drive to Eden Prairie to see her. There are other benefits to visiting her there too. It has plenty of space for the kids to run around. It is in a church basement which also houses the Sunday School so there are several toys. But, what I think is the best part is that it is win-win for everyone. The kids really enjoy having so many adults paying attention to them and the adults seem to enjoy the distraction of the kids...for awhile anyway. I bet if my kids were there all day they might change their tune a bit. Or adjust their hearing aids to at least drown out the noise.

Austin wasted no time entertaining his audience. He was non-stop story telling. One of the older ladies there said "Wow! Who put a nickel in him?" I believe Austin replied "I don't have a nickel in me. I have blue Starbursts in me. They are in my tummy." Ellie was a little hesitant but she warmed up quickly. Once the balls were brought out to play with, well, then everyone was her best friend, particularly one older gentleman. It was fun and definitely something we'll have to do more often!

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