Sunday, October 26, 2008

Behind the scenes

I'm giving you a tour of a part of our home that is usually kept behind closed doors. Our laundry room. Why? Because it has just become home to some new custom built cabinets. I met with the cabinet maker over 6 months ago to discuss the plans. It was simple, I needed more storage space and a place to hang clothes. We had a small wire shelf in there, but it was ugly and not placed at a convenient height for hanging clothes up. Some initial plans were drawn up and approved and then the cabinet maker (a.k.a., Rob) got busy. Unfortunately, life has been a bit hectic in our house and what should have taken about a month, was extended into 6 months because "shop time" was a little restricted due to crying babies.

Here is the before picture:

And here is the after:

They are exactly what I wanted save for one minor detail.

Some measurements were not taken and one of the doors does not open completely because it hits the light. Rob tried to claim it was because I wanted them hung higher than he thought. However, I have taken some of my own measurements and had he placed them low enough to miss the light, I would not be able to open my top loading washer completely. No worries, the cabinets will most likely house extra blankets and items we don't need access to very often. Plus, we can always buy a smaller light. Like I said, it's not part of the normal house tour anyway so we don't need good lighting.


Anonymous said...

They would only need to be lowered about three inches for the door to work properly. Exactly the height I had planned on. I know there is currently more clearance than three inches when you open to washing machine lid.

You know how they always say the customer is right. That is not the case here.

The Cabinet Maker

david said...

Nothing worse than a home improvement that doesn't turn out quite like expected. I like the smaller light could always install a 2ft track and then position a couple of small spot lights. High fashion, and a hint of function too.

Kerry said...

What about a can light? You know, the kind that goes into the ceiling. We have them throughout our house and we replaced one of our lights that was not a can light with a can light and it was not very expensive.

Anonymous said...

The Cabinets look really nice. Guess I think you can always use extra storage space--but it would still be a pain to get out whatever you put in there. I think a new light would be a great idea!!!!