Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vacations on the go

There's just something about a kid falling asleep in a carseat that I think is very cute. In general, sleeping kids are pleasant. I am wondering if it is a bad sign that I was sort of looking forward to Ellie's doctor appointment today. I was going to be leaving the other two at my parents house and I knew Ellie would fall asleep in the car. The 20 minute drive was like a mini vacation. Plus, the Dr. appointment was suppose to be a quick check on her nose and I was pretty sure they were not going to zap it again.

The Dr. came in and thought it looked great. I agreed. Then she asked if it had been bleeding at all. I quickly said "Nope!" and then as I was leaning Ellie backwards because we were playing "upside down" I peeked at her nose again and saw a small scab almost on the inside. I pointed it out to the doctor. She checked it out and changed her mind. She decided she was going to give it one more treatment. Her reasoning was mostly because "it's the triangle of the nose". This might mean something to a plastic surgeon, or a doctor in general, but it meant nothing to me. What it meant to me was that Ellie was going to be screaming behind a closed door for a torturous 2 minutes and there was nothing I could do. Vacation over.
As the door closed behind me and the screams came out it was all of the sudden interrupted by the three ladies (doctor and nurses) laughing hysterically. What on Earth could be so funny about my little girl being scared to death? Well, when she came out they told me. Apparently as Dr. Nemacek was coming towards Ellie, Ellie defended herself and slapped Dr. Nemacek right across the face. I'm glad they found it funny and not offensive. No harm done...and if there was, well, she's a plastic surgeon so I'm sure she could take care of herself.

Ellie gets over her anxiety quite quickly once she's back in my arms but the mark on her nose lingers for about a week and looks pretty painful. They assure me it is not painful. It must not be; I had another 20 minute vacation as we drove back to get the other two.

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