Tuesday, September 23, 2008


On Saturday night Rob and I stayed at the new Westin hotel in Edina (only 20 minutes from our house). This hotel boasts a collection of towels, sheets, beds, pillows, etc. called "Heavenly". Although the hotel was very nice, the heavenly part was that we had a whole day and night without kids. Rob's parents came up for the weekend and stayed with the kids all day Saturday and Saturday night (Thanks Patti and Bob!!!!). Rob and I had been looking forward to this getaway for about 3 weeks. Typically at 3am while hanging out with Riley.

I'm not sure if Friday night could have gone any worse. For some reason Riley would NOT go to sleep. It was perhaps her worst night yet. Then Ellie woke up at 1am and also would not go back to sleep. Rob took her downstairs and she danced the night away to Sesame Street. I stayed upstairs with Riley walking her around. We finally got Ellie to sleep and Riley drifted in and out of sleep. Austin didn't give us any problems, but his 6am wake up time came way too soon. It wasn't exactly a good confidence booster for Patti and Bob before we left.

But leave we did! At 9am we were out the door and free! First stop....Caribou Coffee! The rest of the agenda included shopping at the Mall of America, spa treatments, lunch, naps, more shopping, movies (on TV), and dinner. And most important of all, sleeping through the night without any interruptions!

Heavenly indeed!

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