Monday, September 8, 2008

Golden Anniversary!

Today, on the 8th, Rob and I have been married for 8 years! Our Golden Anniversary (until 2050, when it will be 50 years and that's celebrated with gold too). I think Rob thought I made up the whole "golden" thing two years ago on my birthday when I was 29 on the 29th in an attempt to get something gold. But, it didn't work and I still maintain a golden celebration exists.

Though we're not celebrating our anniversary until the 20th, we did have our family photographer take our picture to commemorate the event. He then took a few other snapshots. Including Rob's leg and foot, Riley's pajamas, and the back of Ellie's head. And then 2 more of himself (as usual).

This is the best of the bunch. Happy Anniversary Rob! I love you (even with spit up on your shirt!)!

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Sue H said...

Nice picture! Congratulations. Jim thought it was three or four years ago. Hmmmm, that can't be right!!!