Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fish out of water...but also in

Austin had his first swimming lesson yesterday. I've been gearing him up all week telling him about it and what he will do and most importantly, that he needs to listen to his teacher and do everything he/she asks. I didn't want to get there and have him be the kid who clings to their parents leg not willing to go anywhere near the pool. Or, the kid that will go with the teacher but not listen to anything, not get in the pool, etc. Well.....
Austin had NO problem leaving me and following the teacher. Pretty much ran away from me is more like it. That was pretty much the end of his listening.
Teacher: "okay, everyone in the pool!"
Teacher: "Let's open and close our hands" (not sure why)
(Austin was spinning around in circles and singing at this point)
Teacher: "Let's see everyone's muscles!"
And this marks the only time Austin participated with the group. More than willing to show off his muscles. The majority of the time was spent singing for him. I'm sure the teacher really appreciated that. Though, when the teacher addressed Austin directly, for example, "Austin, can you stick your face in the water?" Austin would do exactly as he was asked. He's just not much of a group person I guess.
When he got done he ran right to me and said "Say, 'Good job, buddy! You did a good job listening to the teacher!' Say that Mommy!" And when I relayed my assigned script to him he said "Yeah, I'm really smart! Let's come back tomorrow."
At least I know there won't be any arguments on Wednesday when we go back. Or so I think.

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