Saturday, September 13, 2008

A day for Austin

Rob and I decided that Austin could use a little one on one time with us. With the addition of Riley to the family, as well as Ellie still needing quite a bit of attention we thought maybe Austin would enjoy a day with us all to himself. Where did we go? The zoo of course! My dad offered to watch the girls (Thanks Dad!) while we took off for the zoo. Austin is fairly protective of his little sisters and is constantly reminding us not to forget them. For example, if I am loading the kids into the van to go somewhere I usually load in Austin and Ellie first, and then go back inside for Riley in her carseat. Well, as I make my first trip out to the car, Austin will scream and cry "Grab Riley!!!" as if I am going to leave her. So, we thought that perhaps he wouldn't be okay with leaving his sisters behind. We were wrong. He sang his good-byes as he practically danced out the door. When we got to the zoo he grabbed Rob's hand and there was no looking back.

We got there right when it opened. The weather wasn't great, but there was plenty enough to do indoors while we tried to wait out the rain. We started off in Discovery Bay. We were the only people in the whole area (two other families joined us later on). This was pretty great because Austin didn't have any trouble getting a front row seat at the aquarium windows.

Our new favorite exhibit is the Grizzly Coast. It opened this summer and includes sea otters and 3 grizzly bears (and other animals). The grizzly bears were quite active this morning and all three played in the water right up next to the glass for quite awhile. Rob and I thought this was great, but Austin thought the caves were more fun to run through.

When the bears were done swimming one came to say hello to Austin near the glass. The bear had his back turned to him and Austin got really close to the glass to check him out and all of the sudden the bear turned around and was also really close to the glass. Austin jumped backwards VERY fast and said "Yikes! He almost escaped!"

We walked around the rest of the zoo, even all the way to the farm exhibit. I remember making this trek when I was pregnant with Ellie and thinking "never again" and now I remember why. I don't want to walk that far to see cows. More importantly, I don't want to walk that far to smell cows.

We stopped to see his other favorites, like the tigers. Rob pointed out the tiger to Austin, which is usually hard to see, and Austin yelled "Hi Tiger!" and then in a low growly tiger voice he said "Hello Austin, Nice to meet you....ROAR!". He has a future as a tiger whisperer.

When it seemed like Austin was being carried more than walking, and when he was more interested in the caramel corn than the animals, we decided it was okay to leave. The whole way home he studied his "Nap" (no matter how many times we told him it was a Map).

And we rounded off his day of fun with his favorite meal. A chicken nugget happy meal.

That is the face of one happy boy!

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