Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to the moon

There are some things that are better left in their natural habitat. Moon Sand just made my list. Ok, I've never really given this list much thought so currently Moon Sand is the only thing on my list but if I had time to devote to it I could come up with more I'm sure. But, as it stands, all my extra time yesterday was spent cleaning up after Austin and his Moon Sand.

I had a brilliant plan. I originally put Austin out on the deck with his tray full of moon sand. I figured I was killing a few birds with one stone this way.
  1. The Moon Sand would fall onto the deck vs. my kitchen floor. I don't care about the deck being clean.

  2. Austin would get outside and get some fresh air.

  3. Fresh air is suppose to help kids sleep, right?

  4. Austin would be outside and therefore, not asking me 100 questions a minute.

Well, Mother Nature, having nothing else to do, thought it would be a good day to have a sudden downpour. So, as I was feeding Riley and simultaneously reading books to Ellie and enjoying the peace and quiet of just one voice (my own), Austin started screaming outside "It's raining Mom!!!" But, I will give the boy some credit because he managed to carry his moon sand tray all the way to the screen door with out spilling it and all the while dodging raindrops because he was barely wet and it was pouring!

That leads us to why Moon Sand is on my list. I purchased it out of my own curiosity. It claims to never dry out and always being the scientist, I had to see for myself. True doesn't dry out. Also is still sand. Furthermore, sand is messy. I know, with conclusions like those, it's hard to believe I wasn't leading the industry in patents and publications.

Austin did enjoy himself though.

In the above picture I had already cleaned him off at least twice.

In case you can't tell, that is his head. Equally covered was his mouth. Was he eating it?

Since I don't have any trips planned to the moon, this tray will instead just go back into the cupboard until I have a guaranteed rain free day to send him back to the deck.

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