Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A day full of Goodies!

It's been a pretty great day for us. We went to the gym this morning and Austin's room had the play-doh out which is one of his favorite activities. After the gym, we headed to the mall which is home to the closest Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop. We met my parents there for our free ice cream! Cookies N' Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Black Raspberry Sorbet all had good reviews from our crew! From there we headed to the Children's Place were I picked up two pair of jeans for Austin for next winter and a cute t-shirt for this year all for $5. From the Children's Place, we headed to Target where Grandma let Austin pick out some toys for him and Ellie. Grandpa fed Ellie. I didn't have to push a heavy stroller. Win, win, win.

As I was pulling out of the parking lot, McDonald's was across the street. In his sweetest voice, Austin said "Oh, mommy! May me please have some french fries?" And, I fell for it. It probably won't take him long to figure out I love McD's french fries as much as he does. Maybe more. During their nap times I will have to sit down and figure out the best way to conclude our day of goodies. Popcorn and M&Ms for dinner?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Get some Zzzzz's already!

Old man winter needs to just take a nap. Winter has a tight grip on us and we can’t pry free. A warm spring rain started on Thursday, which turned to a cold spring rain on Friday, and now it’s just plain cold and snowing. There is no end in site. I guess us “southerners” are lucky because a hundred miles north of us they are experiencing blizzards and a foot of accumulation. The 10 day forecast (which I realize isn’t going to stay accurate….hopefully) calls for rain the rest of the weekend, clouds the next week (with a high of 55), and rain the following weekend. That is not good weather for bubble blasting. If this keeps up, you will have to read this blog at ArizonaRuncheys.com.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tiny Bubbles

I think I just made one of the best $3 investments I've ever made. While at Target picking up diapers, baby food, formula, and boring things like that, we passed the toys. Austin always asks to look at McQueen and Thomas, but rarely asks if he can have anything so the toy aisle is a regular stop when we shop there. I'm sure this will change someday, but for now I don't mind looking at the toys with him since he doesn't whine about getting anything. However, today in the toy aisle I saw something I wanted. The "Amazing Bubble Blaster". Since it was only $3 and I know Austin likes bubbles, I thought it might be a fun activity as the weather is getting nicer. This thing is awesome! It claims to blow over 500 bubbles every 60 seconds. I didn't count, but I would guess it is more around 300 if you are quick with the reload. Still, my expectations were much lower than even that so I am happy. Austin is happy too. We are still working on the rules about not blowing bubbles into people's (Ellie's mainly) faces but he is catching on quickly.

Ellie didn't care to be surrounded in bubbles, but she was okay with the occasional bubble passing her by.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Busy Weekend!

We had a jam-packed weekend! It was great! On Friday, some friends from college came to visit the kids and me at our house. Austin wasted no time getting acquainted and showing them all of his toys. You never know if he will be shy or talkative, but one of the girls, Meggan, is a blonde and Austin kind of has a thing for blondes, so he was definitely talkative. Plus, Meggan and Laura both played trains with him which made his day. They were still the topic of conversation the next morning too. He asked if they were coming again to play trains.

Saturday morning I met up with the same girls, plus some others that had arrived in town and we went and got some pedicures and lunch. It's great to see friends you don't see very often. After lunch I came back home just in time for naps! Perfect timing! The kids woke up around 4pm and then Rob and I went on a date, dropping the kids off with my sister's family at 4:30. Austin has so much fun playing with Maddie and Jake. They definitely wear him out. So, he didn't get to bed until a little after 9pm.

Sunday morning a different friend from college (Emily) and her family came to visit on their way back to Dubuque. We hung out for a bit and then went to lunch. Again, great to catch up and finally meet eachothers kids. Right after lunch, we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Smith's house. Austin was going to see the Backyardigans Live with his grandparents and cousin, Katelyn. No nap. Yikes!

We enjoyed some time with just Ellie before she took her nap. The weather had cleared up and the sun was out and she enjoyed the swing set and playing outside. The hat didn't stay on for long, but as bald as she is, I think she needs a little protection from the sun.

When the show was done, we met up with everyone at my brother's house to celebrate my dad's birthday (coming up tomorrow!). This mostly involved more running around with cousins and a nearby park. Ellie and Ashley played together a bit. They are less than two months apart in age. I was hoping Ellie might pick up some techniques from Ahsley for crawling but she was pretty content to just sit there.

We didn't get the kids to bed until after 8:30pm so it was another late night, coupled with no nap for Austin and he definitely let us know he was tired. Unfortunately, he let us know by crying about everything. And, it has continued a bit today but they are both sleeping right now and I'm hoping it's a nice long nap for them both (and maybe me)! Having so much fun in one weekend wears us out!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Trouble x4

Every Monday (and many other unplanned days) Austin, Ellie, and I all get together with two other neighbor ladies and their children for a playdate. Last Monday it was at Chrissy's house. The kids are all fairly similar in age so they have a blast running around and wearing each other out and testing their limits. Us moms enjoy some time where we don't have to be constant entertainers. This last Monday we were trying to help Chrissy figure out her camera which she thought was broken. She walked around the corner to get a new battery and came across the kids all sitting under the front entry table...planning their next devious act, no doubt. Luckily, her camera wasn't broken afterall.
From left to right: Kierra (3.5+), Cole (19 months), Austin (2.5+), Mia (3)
Ellie couldn't quite make it to the picture on time despite the rolling she has perfected to get most places. When we're at Chrissy's she spends most of her time watching Casey, the dog, to make sure there are no sudden movements. Ellie is not a fan of dogs.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A room with a view!

I had a nice surprise arrive on my doorstep yesterday. During naptime, the FedEx man delivered a package. Actually he ding-dong ditched me. But, I was okay with it because he left a box of flowers! Rob had sent me a bouquet of Iris' "just because". What a lucky lady I am! They arrived in tight buds and this morning they all opened up and Austin and Ellie and I enjoyed them over breakfast. Austin kept sniffing them (from his chair so there's no way he actually could smell them from where he was sitting) but Ellie thought this was a wonderfully great game and then she would sniff at Austin and so on and so forth. They are starting to play together little by little and it's been really fun to watch them learn each others personalities. Austin's "gentle" sometimes isn't gentle enough for my liking. For example, sometimes his hugs are more like head locks and he doesn't realize that Ellie is too small for him to sit on her back like a horse, but at least he's trying.

We continue to enjoy the flowers which might be the only sign of spring we'll see for awhile. Although the weather has been nice the last couple days there's a rumor that another surprise will be waiting on my doorstep next week. It will be the same color as the flowers, but not as welcome and definitely is not going to enhance the views out of our window.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thanks to the McVicker brother's

Who are they? Today, they are my heroes. Back in the 1950s, they invented Play-Doh. A useless nugget of information I have in my head from high school Economics. It takes up space that could be used for more important information like...well, whatever else the Economics teacher had to tell us. Anyway, this morning Austin played with this stuff for almost 2 hours straight. In that whole two hours, I wasn't asked a single question! Wait, that's not true. He did ask me to find his cars Mater and McQueen, but that's what bought me the extra hour so I was only too happy to oblige.

He had three colors and mixed them together which is my big play-doh pet peeve but he didn't seem to mind. We'll see if he cares next time we take it out and instead of three colors he only has one greenish mucky color.

After he was finally bored with play-doh he put on his backpack and said he was going upstairs to hunt for creatures. Ellie was taking a nap so I was a little worried about him making too much noise. Sure enough, it wasn't long before I heard her Jumparoo singing songs. I went up there to investigate and found this:

He told me he was "just playing in the trees with the monkeys". I told him he was a monkey and to get out. Surprisingly, he hopped right out. I know if I were in a similar situation, I would need help.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Must learn to crawl...

Austin has taken an interest in Ellie (today anyway). It's very fun to watch them finally play together since, for the last 10 months, he has perfected the art of ignoring her. Only, he's a little rough with her and it's maybe a little dangerous for Ellie. But, if anything is going to get her crawling, or moving at all, it will be the desire to get away from her crazy brother. Today he decided it was nap time. He covered her up (head to toe) and himself and then pretended to be snoring.

Ellie isn't a big fan of having things covering up her face so she quickly maneuvered out of the blanket. And with enough whining she even got me to free her from his games altogether. She was much happier doing her own thing at her play table.
We just got back from the gym so she's still in work out gear!

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Missing Pen

This morning started out like any other Friday morning for us (except for the fun fact that BOTH kids slept until 7am!!!). Austin woke up and was immediately "still hungry". He had his granola bar and "juice, no milk, no juice...in the blue cup." Then when it was Ellie's turn for breakfast Austin heard the rumblings of the garbage truck so he ran to the front window to watch it. He likes to watch it pick up our garbage and make sure that it also picks up Mia's (next door neighbor) garbage as well. But, after the garbage truck was long gone, Austin stayed in the front room and played by himself for awhile. There is a piano and two chairs in this front room, not much to play with, and I didn't hear any piano music. But, who's going to argue a self-entertained 2 year old? Not me! I figured he just brought a toy in there with him. But then he came to me kind of whimpering. Not a sad whimper, not a hurt whimper, more of an embarrassed whimper. I looked at him and he had a large pen line going down his forehead to his eye. Upon further inspection, he also had pen markings on the back of his head and neck. So, I was dreading my walk into the front room expecting to find hieroglyphics all over the walls. To my surprise, there was nothing. There is also no trace of the mystery pen. I don't leave pens laying around so I'm not sure a) where he got his hands on a pen and b) where it is now. I asked him where he put it and he just answered, or rather didn't answer, "Yeah". Then later he told me he ate it. Hopefully that isn't true. In the meantime, I'm still on a pen hunt.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Majority Rules

Nope, not the majority of the voters. The 38% of voters that said "girl" had it right. I just meant that in our house, majority rules and it will soon be 3 to 2 in favor of the girls! Not that we wouldn't have made all the decisions anyway, but now if it comes down to a democratic vote, we will still win. Austin will have two baby sisters and Ellie will have a bosom buddy only 14 months younger than her. We better start shopping for girl things since Ellie pretty much destroyed the newborn girl clothes we had with her constant spitting up. This will be fun!